Gym Review: Anytime Fitness Paseo Center (Makati, Manila)

The Paseo Center branch of Anytime Fitness in Makati, Manila let me train there on a casual basis without being a member. Here’s what I thought of the gym.

Where is it?

Most travelers staying in Makati either stay at the southern end (near Greenbelt) or at the Northern end (near P. Burgos). The Paseo Center is somewhere in between. It took me around 20 minutes to walk there from the Greenbelt area, and I assume it would take around the same time if walking from the P. Burgos area.
The gym itself is inside the Paseo Center on the 3rd floor.

How much does it cost?

Short-term visitors: PHP500 (approx. $10) for a one-day pass, PHP4000 (approx. $80) for a monthly pass.
Members: PHP1000 joining fee + PHP2500 for the key + PHP2300 per month membership.

Opening Hours

24/7 – always open.

How are the facilities and atmosphere?

Equipment: There are two power racks with Oly barbells, a Smith machine, dumbbells (I can’t remember the weights, but I think up to 30 or 50kg), a few adjustable benches, leg press, cable pulley machine, seated row and pin-loaded machines, etc.
There is also a cardio area and a “functional fitness” area which you can see in the photos.
Other facilities: The change rooms/lockers and toilets are pretty clean – bring your own padlock. The gym is air conditioned. There is a water cooler so you can refill your bottle.
Atmosphere: I only came here a few times, mostly at around 1am in the morning. There are not too many people around at that time and you’ll have the gym pretty much to yourself. The gym seems to have more casual lifters and a relatively high proportion of females. That said, it still has most of the equipment a serious lifter would want.

Note: As a casual user, you won’t be given the special electronic key thingy that allows you to access the gym 24/7. So you’ll have to press a buzzer on the door and wait for a staff member to manually open the door. One time I went to the gym at 10pm and a staff member let me in no problem. Another time I went at 1am and no staff members were present, so I had to wait around like a dick for 10 minutes until another member was leaving the gym so I could access the gym through the door (he gave me a suspicious look). On the plus side I saved PHP500 on that occasion. So you may want to avoid going at crazy times of the night in case there is nobody there to let you in.


This gym is located in the center of Makati. It’s not really catered towards the hardcore lifter, but it has all the required equipment – squat racks, barbells, dumbbells, bench, etc. The facilities are very clean (especially compared to Gold’s) and the gym is nicely air conditioned. The 24/7 opening hours are really convenient. The next time I stay in Makati I’ll train here if I can’t get the discounted rate at Gold’s.

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