About Me and This Website

I’m Steve – the “Ripped Nomad”. I’ve chosen this as the name of the website because a) I’ve been traveling and living abroad while working from my computer for the last seven years, making me a “digital nomad”; and b) because I’m ripped. [Editors note: Steve does not guarantee his level of ripped-ness at the time you visit this page]

I’ve just started this website and it is, and generally always will be a work in progress. My aim is to provide general travel advice and, in particular, reviews of gyms for other travelers and digital nomads like myself who are trying to stay in shape.

One of the hardest things about constantly traveling, particularly in Asia, is that it’s hard to find a decent gym in which to train. Many gyms either: a) are members-only / want to sign you up to a long-term membership; b) have poor equipment not suited to serious lifters; or c) all of the above. On this website I will compile information and review gyms around the world that provide day-passes and allow casual one-time visits suitable for travelers.

I’ll also throw in some useful travel, diet and lifestyle articles when I can.

So while I attempt to get my shit together, why not start by searching for a gym in your area, reading my supplement reviews, or checking out my useful travel tips.

You can get in touch with me via e-mail: steve [at] rippednomad.com